I usually go by the name Layle, however, my real name is Luca. You are free to call me whichever you like most!


I'd see myself as an old-school reverse engineer, despite me being only 22 years old my heart is definitely older. I started reverse engineering and low level programming on the 6502 instruction set more than 10 years ago and since started (ab)using more languages and technologies.

Next to my reverse engineering and exploit development adventures I often work on tooling for various targets but mostly focusing on compilers and emulators if it's not about security.


When I'm not sitting at home reverse engineering or writing exploits, I'm probably outside doing fitness as I'm a huge bodyweight fitness enthusiast. Every now and then I like to travel to different countries and enjoy the different cultures and lifestyles and really just take in all the different aspects life has to offer outside of Switzerland.